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DUI first offense: Georgia officer arrested, accused of DUI

| Sep 7, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience for Georgia residents. That is because the punishments for various crimes are often quite severe and can negatively affect our rights and liberties as a citizen. For example, being convicted of DUI first offense could result in the loss of one’s driving privileges and other punishments.

Also, no Georgia resident is completely immune to the threat of being charged with a crime. Even the police officers, who are normally doing the arresting and the accusing, can find themselves facing criminal allegations. For example, an off-duty Douglasville policeman was recently arrested on Aug. 29, after he suffered injuries in a car crash. Police reports allege that his personal vehicle flipped over after hitting a culvert. He was arrested and charged with failure to maintain his lane in addition to DUI.

Georgia troopers indicate that blood was drawn from the officer in order to test his blood alcohol content. However, the results of that test were still pending. The police chief for Douglasville has made a statement that the officer will be on administrative leave as the investigation into the incident continues to unfold. The chief also said that they have yet to determine whether or not the officer will be paid during said leave.

Accusations of DUI can have exceedingly negative results, even if prior to a conviction. A government worker, for example, might be placed on leave from work, lose income and have his or her reputation damaged. Still, Georgia residents accused of DUI, whether it be DUI first offense or not, have the ability to challenge those accusations, plead not guilty and in the best of circumstances have the charges dismissed completely. In other cases, a plea bargain can be achieved that could result in reduced punishments.

Source: CBS News Atlanta, Off-duty Douglasville police officer charged with DUI, Terrance Kelly, Aug. 30, 2013