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Georgia police want to make more underage DUI arrests

| Aug 24, 2013 | Underage DUI |

University of Georgia students should be aware that Georgia police plan to increase their efforts to pull over suspected drunk drivers. On the University of Georgia campus, where many students are not old enough to legally imbibe alcohol, this may result in an increased number of charges related to underage DUI. Any Georgia college student who has been accused of underage DUI must remember that he or she will always remain innocent until — and only if — a Georgia court convicts them of the charge.

The increase in police DUI patrols will be assisted by the Office of Highway Safety lead by Georgia’s governor. The Office of Highway Safety has taken a special interest in the Athens, Georgia area because of reports relating to higher than average blood alcohol levels in the area. Drivers aged 20 and younger can be charged with underage DUI if their blood alcohol level exceeds 0.02. Drivers 21 and up cannot have a blood alcohol level in excess of 0.08.

The Governor’s Office is concerned that University of Georgia students under the age of 21 appear to be a group of “risk takers” as compared to students of the past. More than one police agency will be adding its resources to the effort to increase DUI patrols. However, budgetary concerns will be the limiting factor in how much they will be able to increase patrols. Game days, for example, will have increased patrols, whereas holiday weekends when most University students are out of town will have decreased patrols.

Any Georgia resident who has been accused of underage DUI has the right to defend those accusations in a court of law. Many legal defense strategies can be employed effectively to achieve a verdict of not guilty. In some cases, the charges can be dropped immediately. In other cases, a trial is necessary, where a detailed analysis of facts will be required to create the most advantageous defense. Reductions in sentences, plea bargains, and other results can also be obtained in order to bring the best possible result for the accused.

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