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Georgia police conducting more DUI road checks across the state

| Aug 7, 2013 | DUI |

The danger of being accused of DUI in Georgia has increased recently due to increased road checks conducted by officers across the state. Road checks typically involve a roadblock in which cars traveling in a specific location are pulled over by police. Police use these road checks to identify and arrest anyone they suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. However, just because a Georgia resident is accused of DUI does not mean he or she will be found guilty of the charges.

The sobriety road checks are part of a law enforcement campaign being implemented across the entire state of Georgia. The Highway Safety Office of the governor, Georgia troopers and local police are employing students of drug recognition to detect impaired drivers. Drivers they suspect to be under the influence of controlled substances are arrested and charged with DUI.

During the weekend of July 27, law enforcement officers made 45 arrests in the city of Albany through roadside checks. Twenty of those arrests were on charges of DUI. It should be noted that even though the state’s objective is to make the roads safer by removing impaired drivers from the streets, their methods of identifying inebriated drivers are not always accurate.

Although many people see it this way, a DUI charge is not equivalent to a criminal conviction. Georgia drivers accused of DUI can contest those allegations in a court of law and — in some instances — have them dismissed entirely. In other cases, substantial reductions in charges or sentences can be achieved.

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