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Drug crimes and driver’s license suspension in Georgia

| Aug 16, 2013 | License Suspension |

Drug charges are not to be taken lightly in the state of Georgia and that is because of the serious punishments that can be associated with them. Nevertheless, being accused of drug charges does not necessarily have to result in a conviction. Typically, those who are accused of drug crimes may also be accused of other violations, like fleeing a police officer or driving in spite of a driver’s license suspension.

Recently, a 30-year-old woman from Rome, Georgia was arrested after allegedly trying to escape a law enforcement checkpoint. Police later arrested her and charged her with an exhaustive list of crimes. The charges against her included possession of narcotics, the manufacture and sale of different kinds of drugs and failure to obey traffic laws. They also involved operating a vehicle with a driver’s license suspension and additional criminal accusations.

When individuals are arrested, it is common for police to charge them with more than just one crime, but this woman’s list of accusations is particularly lengthy. Police allege that the woman drove through their checkpoint, later crashed her vehicle, and then escaped by foot. Allegedly, police found different kinds of narcotics inside the woman’s vehicle after she abandoned it. No injuries were reported in the accident.

It is vital for any Georgia resident who has been accused of a crime to remember that every citizen of the United States is innocent until – and only if – proven guilty of that crime by a jury of his or her peers. The same is true for individuals accused of multiple crimes. It does not matter if the accusations relate to drug possession, drug trafficking, driving with a driver’s license suspension, or an accusation as serious as murder. A strategic legal defense can do a lot to get certain charges dropped and, in the best of cases, achieve a verdict of not guilty on all counts brought forward against the accused.


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