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Georgia DUI charges, 6 charged in multi-car crash

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | DUI |

Drunk driving charges can typically carry continual punishments for those who are convicted, in addition to potential jail time. DUI charges are not taken lightly and Georgia prosecutors pursue drunk driving allegations vigorously. In spite of the accusations that are made, however, not all of them are necessarily true or proved in court. Recently, six people were arrested on DUI charges and are likely now focused on preparing a defense against the charges.

A seven-car crash occurred on Interstate 75 in Georgia. Authorities report that a pedestrian walked out in front of oncoming cars on the highway in the middle of the night. One of the cars hit the pedestrian, and a domino effect ensued. Unable to avoid collision, six more cars ended up crashing into each other. One of the drivers charged with DUI was taken to a local hospital, while the other five were taken to the county jail.

Six of the drivers are now facing DUI charges. It was not indicated if the drivers were given Breathalyzer tests or blood draws were processed. The pedestrian was also charged for walking in the roadway. The pedestrian was hospitalized with critical injuries.

As these six drivers prepare to enter the courtroom, they may benefit from gaining a better understanding of the criminal law and their rights. A person charged with a DUI in Georgia can face harsh consequences if a conviction is ultimately secured. Those consequences can include jail time and other penalties. Nevertheless, any person charged with DUI is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty by competent proof that meets an exacting standard of proof.

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