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Underage UGA student arrested for DUI after causing crash

| Feb 21, 2013 | Underage DUI |

Last week, a 19-year-old University of Georgia student was involved in a motor vehicle accident after he allegedly tried to make a turn at an intersection before the light at the intersection turned red. The student struck another vehicle and police were called to investigate the car accident.

After investigating the incident and speaking with the UGA student, police suspected that the student had been drinking alcohol. The student was arrested and charged with several offenses including drunk driving and underage possession or consumption of alcohol. The student was also charged with three counts of serious injury by vehicle because three occupants of the vehicle that had been struck by the student were injured in the crash.

The student not only faces consequences for allegedly making a traffic violation that resulted in an accident; the student also faces serious consequences for allegedly getting behind the wheel after drinking and causing an accident that resulted in injury.

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we mentioned that DUI arrests and DUI charges may put future career and academic opportunities at risk in addition to causing legal problems for folks. Professional licenses may be revoked, driver’s licenses may be suspended, and college students could lose academic scholarships or be expelled from living on campus.

Whether an individual is arrested for underage DUI, first-offense DUI, or felony DUI, the individual may face a variety of consequences that he or she may not be aware of or fully understand. After being arrested for committing a serious offense like drunk driving, folks will want to make sure they understand the charges that have been filed against them and how DUI charges may harm them.

Source: The Red & Black, “UGA student charged after hitting car with five occupants,” Emily Schoone, Feb. 16, 2013