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Athens driver applying for job at police dept. charged with DUI

| Sep 4, 2012 | DUI |

The national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign has ended. The total number of DUI arrests resulting from added patrols and checkpoints in Georgia through Labor Day has not yet been reported, but it is likely that the campaign resulted in dozens of drunk driving arrests over the past several days.

One arrest that was made last week involved an Athens woman who said that she was hoping to apply for a job with the police department. When she was arrested for DUI, she asked an officer if the arrest would affect her eligibility for employment with the department. Although the officer’s response was not recorded in the police report, it is very likely that the DUI arrest will affect the woman’s chances of getting a job with the police department, especially if the criminal charge results in a conviction.

According to reports, the Athens woman was arrested on Aug. 28 shortly before midnight. The woman was initially pulled over by an officer because one of her vehicle’s headlights was out. The officer noted that the odor of alcohol was detected. The driver was asked to take a breath test and she agreed to the test. The driver allegedly failed the breath test three times.

DUI charges carry many legal consequences, but drunk driving convictions often result in social consequences as well. A conviction will show up on one’s record. When companies run background checks on potential employees, a DUI conviction could prevent an individual from getting a job.

To avoid or to minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest, if at all possible, folks who have been accused of drunk driving may want to speak to an attorney to learn more about the charges that have been filed against them and how to strategically defend their cases.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “Athens woman concerned DUI will hurt chances of joining police force,” Joe Johnson, Aug. 29, 2012