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Georgia man who was on medication sentenced in fatal DUI crash

| May 21, 2012 | DUI |

College students and those who are underage might not understand how quickly alcohol can affect their judgment and motor skills, but older Georgia residents may be very well aware of how a couple of beers or glasses of wine could impair their ability to drive.

However, even if older folks are well aware of when they may or may not be capable of driving after having a couple of alcoholic beverages, they might not realize that any prescription drugs they are taking could also significantly affect their ability to drive safely. After taking a new prescription drug, Georgia residents should carefully read a drug’s warning label in order to determine whether or not the drug could impair their vision or motor skills. Driving while under the influence of certain medications could result in DUI charges.

Driving under the influence of prescription drugs could also increase an individual’s risk of causing a serious or fatal car accident.

This month, a 37-year-old Georgia man who was involved in a fatal car accident was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison. According to reports, the man was passing a logging truck on the road when he crashed into another vehicle and killed the driver. After the crash, it was discovered that the man had been taking Fentanyl, a medication commonly used to treat chronic pain. Because the pain medication was in the man’s system at the time of the fatal crash, he was charged with DUI and homicide by vehicle.

In Georgia, car accidents involving drivers who are under the influence of illegal drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol could result in felony charges or vehicular homicide charges.

If an individual is charged with felony DUI or vehicular homicide, he or she should consider working with an attorney in order to fully understand the impact these charges could have on one’s life and how certain defense strategies could help to minimize or reduce one’s charges or penalties.

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