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DUI enforcement campaigns to begin this month throughout Georgia

| May 23, 2012 | DUI First Offense |

Whether you are of the legal age of 21 to drink in Georgia this summer or you are underage, don’t make the mistake of driving after drinking.

Even if you think that those two beers at your friend’s house won’t affect your ability to drive, be warned that Georgia police are ready to target drunk drivers this summer. A traffic stop for failing to use your turn signal could suddenly result in you being arrested for DUI if police claim that they have reason to suspect you of drunk driving.

This is a situation that no driver wants to be in, but if drivers are accused of DUI they should at least understand that they do have rights that need to be protected if they are caught in this situation over the summer.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, police throughout the entire state of Georgia will be participating in the 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T. safety campaign. Although the campaign focuses on keeping motorists safe from aggressive speeders and distracted drivers, police will also be targeting drivers who appear to be drunk while behind the wheel.

Speeding, texting while driving and drunk driving are certainly poor decisions drivers make all year long, but these bad driving habits tend to result in more traffic fatalities over the summer months when more kids are out of school and more people are traveling on the roads for vacations.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported that this is the ninth year for our state’s law enforcement agencies to participate in the 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T enforcement campaign. According to the director of the GOHS, the majority of traffic fatalities in Georgia are caused by speeding or impaired drivers. Unbuckled drivers and passengers also account for many of the traffic fatalities that occur each year in the state.

Source: CartersvillePatch, “Authorities Rev Up Road Safety Campaigns,” May 21, 2012