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Rapper strikes deal after DUI arrest, avoids jail time

| Dec 21, 2011 | DUI First Offense |

When an individual is charged with DUI in Georgia, the situation may certainly be embarrassing and cause one to feel ashamed of his or her actions. But the individual may also be extremely worried about his or her future. Could one lose his or her license? Will the individual be sentenced to jail? What will the financial costs amount to?

In order to protect one’s rights and to avoid spending time behind bars, if possible, Georgia residents may choose to work with an experienced attorney who will pursue the best outcome for an individual after his or her DUI arrest.

Earlier this year, rapper Flo Rida was pulled over by police after officers reported that the man was driving erratically. He was later arrested and charged with DUI. However, after striking a deal with prosecutors last week, it was reported that Rida will avoid jail time.

The 32-year-old was pulled over by police in Miami Beach on June 9. Police said that the rapper’s eyes were bloodshot and watery. Alcohol was detected on the man’s breath and officers also commented that Rida’s speech was slurred.

After suspecting the man of drunk driving, police conducted a field sobriety test, which Rida reportedly failed. A breathalyzer test revealed that his blood alcohol content was .185, more than twice the legal limit.

Despite avoiding time in jail in last week’s deal, the rapper will face several consequences for his DUI arrest. Rida is due to enroll in a first time DUI offenders program called “Back on Track.” He will be required to participate in community service, he will need to take DUI classes and he will also be responsible for fees and court costs. After the rapper successfully completes the program, the DUI and reckless driving charges will be amended.

Rida’s attorney stated that the rapper is satisfied with the outcome.

Source: NBC Miami, “Rapper Flo Rida Avoiding Jail in DUI Deal,” Brian Hamacher, Dec. 14, 2011