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University of Georgia student runs red light, arrested for DUI

| Oct 25, 2011 | DUI |

Most Georgia drivers understand the importance of practicing safe driving habits, but many may also admit to accidentally missing a stop sign or running a red light at one time or another after being so distracted by one’s thoughts. However, failing to abide by simple traffic laws will certainly call the attention of police officers if present and warrant a reason to pull a driver over.

Last week, a University of Georgia student was pulled over after he allegedly ran a red light. He was later arrested on suspicion of DUI.

According to an Athens-Clarke County Police officer, the 21-year-old man was pulled over after the officer saw the driver run through a red light at the intersection of Lumpkin Street and Broad Street. When the officer approached the vehicle, he noted that the driver opened his car door to speak to the officer instead of rolling down his window.

The officer also noted that while he asked the driver questions, the driver appeared to be “disoriented and lethargic.” When questioned about running the red light and driving poorly, the student said that he had a lot on his mind.

The driver was then asked to step out of his car to take a field sobriety test. However, the driver forgot to put the car in park before attempting to get out of the vehicle and the car started rolling forward. The driver then put the car in park and the officer conducted the field sobriety tests.

The student tested negative for alcohol so the officer shined a flashlight in the student’s eyes. The officer noted that the student’s pupils did not react to the light. When asked if he had taken any drugs or medications prior to driving, the student responded, “Just laundry detergent.” The student was arrested and taken to Clarke County Jail. The arrest report stated that the driver’s responses to questioning were “incoherent.”

Source: The Red and Black, “Student charged with DUI drugs,” Adina Solomon, Oct. 18, 2011