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Georgia woman faces DUI charge

| Oct 8, 2011 | DUI |

Being accused of having driven under the influence can be a very serious matter. A person can face criminal charges in connection to such an allegation. This can be seen in a DUI case that has recently arisen in Georgia.

The case involves a 50-year-old woman from Alto. Reportedly, on October 2, the woman was driving a car along Alto-Mud Creek Road in Habersham County. The woman’s car allegedly then entered the intersection of Alto-Mud Creek Road and Ga. 365. Reportedly, in this intersection, a collision occurred between the woman’s car and a motorcycle that was being operated by a 46-year-old man from Cornelia.

According to the Gainesville Times article which reported this story, the 46-year-old man suffered injuries in this crash and was taken to a hospital after it occurred.

The 50-year-old woman has been accused of having been under the influence at the time of this motor vehicle accident. According to the above-mentioned Gainesville Times article, authorities have brought charges of driving under the influence and failure to yield against the woman in connection to the crash.

As this case illustrates, a person can face criminal charges if he or she is accused of having driven while under the influence. A person can receive impactful punishments if he or she is convicted of DUI charges. Being convicted of a DUI charge can also affect a person’s professional life and have an impact on how one is viewed in one’s community.

Thus, being accused of DUI can lead to a person facing serious consequences. Because of this, if a person is accused of DUI, having a strong defense can be very important.

Source: The Gainesville Times, “Alto woman faces charges from Ga. 365 wreck,” Oct. 3, 2011