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Georgia man arrested for DUI after crashing into police car

| Jul 8, 2011 | DUI |

A 54-year-old Georgia man is facing DUI charges and other traffic violations charges after crashing into a Carroll County sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle. The sheriff’s deputy was responding to a burglary call when the other man allegedly failed to yield at a stop sign and collided with the police car. The sheriff’s deputy was wearing a seat belt and suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital, possibly with a broken leg. The 54-year-old and a passenger in his car also suffered injuries and both were taken to a hospital.

According to an article by Amanda Thomas in the Times-Georgian, the 54-year-old man is charged with driving under the influence of drugs. He is also charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license and no proof of insurance. He is charged with failure to yield, which is what reportedly led to the crash. The man was not wearing a seat belt and also was given a safety restraint violation.  

According to the Times-Georgian, the man has been in jail 34 times in Carroll County since 1989. The offenses that landed him in jail are varied and include assault and theft charges, criminal trespass, drug charges and other driving violations.

The sheriff’s deputy was on his way to a burglary call at the time of the crash. He was called to a vacant home where law enforcement officers had discovered a man who had trespassed there and was removing copper pipes from the floor. He was arrested.


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