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ESPN analyst sentenced to 20 days in jail for DUI

| Jul 28, 2011 | DUI |

A man who was once a college and pro-basketball star and now works as an ESPN analyst was sentenced on Wednesday to jail for DUI. Jalen Rose, 38, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and was sentenced to serve 20 days in prison.

Rose said that the court process was humiliating. He told the press after sentencing that he had taken responsibility for his actions and warned other drivers not to make the same mistake. At the same time, he and his attorney are planning to possibly appeal the sentence. Rose is scheduled to report to jail on Tuesday. The judge said that he could wait to go to jail until then in order to go to a family party for his grandmother’s 92nd birthday. His attorney, however, believes the judge abused her discretion in the case.

Rose will have to go to jail for 20 days. His full 93-day sentence is suspended pending a successful completion of a 12-month period of probation. His probation terms include attending counseling sessions and alcohol education classes.

Rose was arrested in Michigan after driving his vehicle off the road on March 11, according to The Detroit News. He and a passenger were not injured. His blood-alcohol concentration was measured to be 0.12, which is over the legal limit of 0.08 in Michigan as it would be in Georgia. Rose played for the NBA for 13 years. He has been active in youth education and will open a charter school in Detroit next fall. He has also started a college scholarship program.

Source: The Detroit News, “Ex-U-M star Jalen Rose sentenced to 20 days in jail for drunken driving,” Mike Martindale and Doug Guthrie, 28 July 2011