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Rick Springfield arrested for DUI

| May 3, 2011 | DUI |

Rick Springfield was arrested on Sunday night on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Springfield formerly played Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital” and is also the singer of the hit song “Jessie’s Girl.” Earlier on that same day, Springfield had been promoting his recently released autobiography, “Late, Late at Night” at the Festival of Books in Los Angeles.

Law enforcement pulled over Springfield’s 1963 Corvette after they noticed it make an odd, but undisclosed, move as it approached a traffic light. The officers said that when they pulled over Springfield, they smelled alcohol on his breath and had him take a breathalyzer field sobriety test. Springfield reportedly blew a 0.10 blood alcohol concentration during the breathalyzer test. This is above the legal limit of 0.08 in California, as well as in Georgia.

While at the Festival of books earlier, Springfield talked about how his memoir discusses his struggle with depression throughout his life. The singer refers to the disease as “Mr. D” in his book and said that he was even in the audience heckling him for being there, according to the Los Angeles Times. Springfield also said that he would not be returning to “General Hospital” as Dr. Noah Drake, and he also said that he would never be on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Springfield was arrested on suspicion of DUI after failing the breathalyzer test and brought to a local jail. He was released on $5,000 bond early Monday morning after authorities believed he was sober.


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