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Police pursue multiple arrests after teen drunk driving accident

| Feb 25, 2011 | Underage DUI |

Anytime a teenager is accused of drunk driving, there is the potential for multiple arrests to follow. When suspected underage DUI leads to an accident, especially a fatal accident, subsequent arrests are nearly inevitable.

Communities call out for someone to blame after a tragedy. When that tragedy involves a teenager who is suspected of drinking and driving, the individuals who allegedly supplied the alcohol will likely be the first to feel the brunt of that blame. Today, a Georgia prosecutor announced the arrest of more individuals in relation to a suspected drunk driving accident last weekend.

Last Friday night, an SUV carrying many teenagers crashed in Douglas County. Two people were hurt and a 16-year-old girl was killed in the accident. Police suspect the 17-year-old driver of underage DUI, and he was arrested on vehicular homicide charges. Seven other individuals have now been charged with providing alcohol at a teen party that took place Friday night.

Prosecutors announced today that one of the individuals arrested was the 43-year-old father of the teenage host of the party. The man is a Douglasville code enforcement officer, and as such may face even harsher punishment than others in this case. The prosecutor described that “he should know better and he does. He’s going to pay a terrible price.”

The futures of this man and the others arrested on suspicion of providing alcohol to minors at the party are in jeopardy. Although they were not involved in the fatal accident, prosecutors will work hard to prove that their actions led to the accident and punish them harshly.

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