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Tangible, Intangible Costs of DUI Conviction Run High

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2011 | DUI |

A previous post discussed the high costs of a DUI conviction and why, therefore, it is important to mount a proper defense in the face of any DUI charges. While the tangible costs of fines, alcohol education classes and probation costs can be high, a recent article in The Augusta Chronicle also notes the more intangible costs associated with a DUI arrest and conviction.

A DUI conviction can hurt any career, but it is more damaging to some than others. Medical students can have their future careers put in jeopardy and current doctors can face harsh consequences. Military service members can lose their commission and soldiers can be barred from re-enlistment.

The case of Damon Evans demonstrated how a strong career can vanish seemingly overnight. A DUI can pose a distinct threat to the careers of school officials, public officials, college athletes, teachers and coaches. Even those who keep their job in the face of a DUI arrest or conviction can have a difficult time getting to their job if their license is suspended or if they also have to attend classes and probation meetings.

A DUI also goes on a person’s criminal record and cannot be removed in Georgia. The conviction will be stored in the FBIs National Crime Information Center.


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