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Cab Ride Cheaper than a First Time DUI

| Jan 1, 2011 | DUI First Offense |

A report recently published online by FOX 31 News reminds New Year’s partygoers this weekend that if they are feeling reluctant about spending their cash on a taxi ride after a night of drinking, they should remind themselves that a cab ride is cheaper than the costs associated with a first-time DUI.

The report by Sarah Bleau informs people that if they are arrested for DUI they could be spending a night in jail as well as spending cash on bail. If convicted of a DUI first offense, there is also 40 hours of community service, 12 months of probation and possible driver’s license suspension.

There is also $656 in legal fines to pay. In addition, those convicted of first-time DUIs are required to undergo the Risk Reduction Program, or a 20-hour DUI class. The DUI class costs $292. The instructor of the class says that there’s an increase in attendees after the New Year’s holidays.

In addition, a person’s insurance rates can go up significantly after they are convicted of a DUI. Some insurance companies will not cover people who have been convicted of a DUI.

All these numbers go to show that it is cheaper to simply hire a cab if you are not sober enough to drive. They also go to show that it is important to have a good defense in the face of any DUI charges.


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