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Georgia Tech Football Star Bounces Back After DUI

| Nov 14, 2010 | License Suspension |

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells the story of former Georgia Tech football star Joe Hamilton. Hamilton was arrested in 2008 on the Georgia Tech campus for DUI, open container, marijuana possession and hit and run. Hamilton had just been hired less than two weeks earlier to be a player personnel assistant.

After his arrest, Hamilton had to resign his position. He eventually pleaded guilty to DUI and open container. The marijuana possession charge was dropped and the hit and run charge was merged with the DUI conviction. Hamilton felt like he hit bottom after the arrest, but has been busy since then working his way up.

After resigning his job, Hamilton spent a lot of time with his new son, tutored high school quarterbacks and helped out with youth sports programs. He also spoke to student groups about his DUI arrest. Hamilton has since been hired to work as a football intern for Georgia State. It involves a lot of grunt work and long days, but Hamilton is determined to work his way up.


Joe Hamilton rising again at Georgia State (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)