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Lindsay Lohan Jailed for Violating DUI Probation

| Jul 20, 2010 | DUI |

Lindsay Lohan arrived handcuffed today at a California jail and began serving her 90-day sentence for violating her probation from a 2007 drunk driving conviction. Lohan was sentenced to the 90-days in jail, to be followed by a 3-month stint in rehab, by a superior court judge after she failed to complete her court-mandated alcohol education classes. Lohan was on probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and no contest to three driving charges related to two separate DUI arrests in 2007.

Lohan’s probation was extended by a year to give her more time to complete the requirements of her DUI probation, but the judge elected not to give another extension. Lohan had been ordered to attend the classes weekly during the extension, but it was found that she missed seven classes since December.

Lohan also missed a court hearing last May that was scheduled to discuss her progress on her probation. Lohan told the judge her passport was stolen in France, but the judge was angry when photos surfaced of the actress partying the night before her hearing at the Cannes Film Festival.

Lohan was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, which went off while the actress was known to be attending the MTV Movie Awards and after-parties. The judge said that her jail sentence only took into account Lohan’s failure to complete her classes.

Lohan may only spend a quarter of her sentence in jail. She will likely have time taken off for good behavior. She will also likely serve her sentence in isolation, as is common practices for famous prisoners, such as Paris Hilton, who served 23 days in 2007 for a reckless driving conviction.


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