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Hello Georgia Summer, Goodbye DUI Tolerance

| Jun 18, 2010 | DUI |

It is the time of year that so many look forward to. Summer is not complete without the various gatherings saturated with patriotism, friends, family, food and drinks. Georgia authorities, however, are on the lookout for drunk drivers, so make sure that your fun-saturated parties do not lead to alcohol-saturated drivers on Georgia roads.

As of today, June 18, Operation Zero Tolerance commences. That means that nationwide, police are more active than during other parts of the year in cracking down on DUIs and protecting the roads from dangerous drivers.

Operation Zero Tolerance will run through Independence Day, which is the second most dangerous day of the year on Georgia roads. Statistics show that about one-third of Georgia’s annual crash fatalities result from alcohol use.

This Georgia DUI crackdown means that more patrol cars will be present on the state roadways. Also, surprise checkpoints will be implemented throughout the area, likely in locations and at times where police know that people tend to drive on their way home from a party or bar.

While drunk driving is the primary target on Georgia’s mind over the next few weeks, other Georgia traffic laws and safety precautions are also important to consider. For the many sober drivers who worry about the negligence of those who might be driving drunk this holiday season, wearing a seatbelt gives them some sense of control over their safety. Wearing a seatbelt is especially important for drunk drivers. Studies show that an intoxicated driver is 11 times more likely to die in a car accident than a sober person.

Final tips: pay attention to the roads. Put down your phone. In fact, as of July 1st, that will be more than a tip and an actual law. July will mark the beginning of Georgia’s new distracted driving law that outlaws texting while driving.


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