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License suspension duration determinants in a DUI charge

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | DUI |

A DUI conviction in Georgia can significantly impact your life, including the length of time you’ll be unable to drive. One of the most disruptive penalties possible is driver’s license suspension.

But how long does that suspension actually last? The length of this suspension can take a legal twist based on how different factors determine your charge.

Number of prior DUI offenses

How long you may have to forfeit your driver’s license can increase when you commit repeat DUI offenses. For example, your driving privileges may be restricted for up to ten years if you commit four repeat offenses. In fact, you may face the threat of driver’s license revocation depending on the circumstances of your case. However, if it’s your first offense, you may recover your driver’s license after a year of suspension.

Refusal to undergo chemical testing

Suppose you refuse to take a chemical test during a DUI arrest; it can lead to an automatic license suspension. The penalties for test refusal are severe:

  • First refusal: Up to 1-year suspension
  • Second refusal within five years: Up to 3-year suspension
  • Third or subsequent refusal within five years: Up to 5-year suspension

Even if you successfully challenge the DUI charge, refusing a chemical test can still lead to a license suspension.

Aggravating factors

Certain circumstances can lead to a longer license suspension. These aggravating factors may include having a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level or causing injury or property damage while under the influence. In such cases, the court may impose stricter penalties, including extended license suspensions or revocations.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Georgia, the duration of a potential license suspension is just one of the many consequences you may encounter. Obtaining legal representation for DUI can help mitigate these consequences as effectively as possible, given your unique circumstances.