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How to convince your spouse to get an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2023 | Divorce |

You’re ready to end your marriage, and you’ve done your research. You know that an uncontested divorce is far more likely to result in a palatable outcome than litigation.

Your spouse, however, seems determined to fight about the smallest things, and you’re worried that’s going to force you to get a litigated divorce with the judge making the decisions.

What can you do to get your spouse to cooperate and work with you instead of against you? Try these appeals to their reason.

It’s cheaper than going to court

Money talks, even in situations like these. You may make some headway by appealing to your spouse’s practical side, especially if they’re concerned about the financial aspect of things. An uncontested divorce averages about $4,100, while a contested divorce averages about $23,300. An uncontested divorce can leave much more money to divide.

It’s faster than getting a litigated divorce

You can also appeal to your spouse’s emotional side, especially if you suspect that they’re equally ready to be done with your marriage. A litigated divorce can take months or years to settle, and that leaves you tied to each other for that much longer. An uncontested divorce can be over in little more than a month.

It’s better for the family

If you have children (whether they’re minors or adults), your divorce will affect them. The faster you can learn to work together as co-parents, the less damage your split may cause. A contested divorce keeps you at odds, while an uncontested divorce encourages a cooperative spirit.

You don’t have to try to struggle your way through a divorce alone. Experienced legal guidance is available.