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What should you expect from a second Georgia DUI conviction?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | DUI |

It’s understandable to be anxious about what’s going to happen next after the cops pull you over and arrest you for impaired driving.

You’ll be conscious that you’re likely facing a harsher penalty if it’s your second DUI within the last ten years. With regard to the possible consequences of a second DUI charge, what exactly should you expect to happen per Georgia law?

A second DUI in Georgia is likely to result in the following penalties

Georgia law recognizes the severity of DUI offenses and this is reflected in the seriousness of the penalties for subsequent offenses. Upon conviction for a second DUI offense, the law provides for the following sanctions:

  • A fine within the range of $600 and $1,000, with the amount awarded reflecting the seriousness of the offense and any aggravating factors
  • A minimum 90-day period of imprisonment with a maximum term of one year
  • 30 days of community service as a minimum
  • Probation period lasting 12 months (reduced for any time spent incarcerated)
  • Required completion of an Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program within 120 days of the conviction

Will you have to go to jail?

The law in Georgia requires a mandatory 72 hours of actual incarceration. What this means is that it’s important to prepare yourself for the fact that a short period of jail time is likely going to be unavoidable.

There is some discretion available to the judge as to how much time must be spent in jail and what time can be served as probation instead. In making their decision, the judge will consider the nature of the offense, including aggravating factors. They will also take into account any defense or mitigation you put forward.

This makes it essential to have legal assistance in place as soon as possible. Making this effort is going to offer you the best opportunity to challenge the case against you.