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How a DUI conviction can affect your career

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2022 | DUI First Offense |

Being convicted for driving under the influence can have unintended consequences beyond the possibility of time in jail or paying hefty fines. A conviction can affect your career, putting your financial security on the line.

For starters, a conviction means a criminal record. If you are searching for a job, potential employers might conduct background checks before hiring you, and should they find out that you have been previously convicted, they might reconsider hiring you.

A conviction may tarnish your reputation

If you are convicted of a DUI, your reputation may be damaged. Drunk driving is considered reckless behavior, and a conviction may portray poor judgment on your part. In addition, if your job requires high levels of integrity, being found guilty of drunk driving may negatively affect your relationship with current or potential clients.

Your practicing license could be suspended

Depending on the standard of professionalism your occupation requires, a DUI conviction could see your license suspended.  In some cases, drunk driving may meet this threshold which could see your license revoked. Reinstating a revoked license can take a long time, and even then, clients are likely to lose confidence in your ability to provide quality service.

You may not be able to drive for a living

Drunk driving is clearly risky behavior, so a conviction is likely to raise your car insurance rates for a considerable time. That can cost you a lot more over the course of several years than you imagine. Even worse: You may lose any job that requires you to drive — whether you’re doing deliveries or visiting potential clients in the company car.

Defending your DUI charges

Given the much at stake, it is necessary to fight the DUI charges you face, even if it is the first offense. You do not want your career affected by a conviction, which can only be done by having a sound defense strategy. 

It is in your best interest that you make only the right calls from your moment of arrest forward. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, assert your right to an offense right away.