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Can you lose your license after a Georgia DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | DUI |

After a DUI arrest in Georgia, you have to take avoid losing your driving privileges. The state allows you to appeal license suspension for driving under the influence, but you must do so within 30 days.

Review the details about possible loss of your license if you face a Georgia DUI.

After the arrest

The Georgia Department of Driver Services will suspend your license for 12 months automatically after a DUI arrest. To protect your ability to drive, you can file an appeal within the 30-day window after the arrest. Alternatively, you can install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, which requires you to provide a clean breath sample to start the engine.

Georgia has an implied consent law for DUI. If you refuse a sobriety test at the scene, the state will suspend your license for a minimum of 12 months and disqualify you for a restricted license.

Post-hearing suspension

The state will set a date for an administrative hearing. You will have the chance to defend yourself against the DUI charges or have an attorney speak on your behalf. The judge will decide whether to convict you for the charges or dismiss your case.

If you receive a conviction for Georgia DUI and have no DUIs within the past five years, the state can suspend your license for 12 months. However, you can request a restricted license after serving 120 days if you have completed a state-approved drug and alcohol risk reduction program and pay the required fees.

Taking steps to protect your license as soon as possible can work in your favor after a Georgia DUI charge.