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Handling social situations when you don’t want to drink

| Sep 24, 2021 | DUI |

You live in Georgia, and you’re at a co-worker’s birthday bash, relaxing at a friend’s condo or reuniting with relatives at a restaurant. All these scenarios have a common thread linking them – people are drinking without inhibition. There is an unspoken expectation that, of course, you will, too.

Being in social environments when you choose not to drink while others around you are can be delicate to navigate. If you are concerned about driving after socializing and drinking because you don’t want to be charged with DUI, that is an excellent reason to give a thumbs-down to alcoholic beverages. 

Nevertheless, people can make rejecting a drink or two very uncomfortable for you. The pal who entices you into accepting a cocktail you would prefer to refuse by saying, “Aw, c’mon, it’s only one,” can be annoyingly persistent. The more you say no, the more they will try to get you to surrender.

How can you say “no” to drinking?

The best way to dodge being in this type of situation is to have a strategy mapped out beforehand. Know exactly what you are going to say if someone presses a drink into your hand. Utter it tactfully but adamantly if necessary.

Finding the right words to say can be difficult. Take advantage of these hints from experts. Customize them to suit whatever situation you are in.

Refuse to drink by not submitting to pressure. Also, steer clear of drinking excessively when socializing. You can fend off people who lean on you to drink. Try these methods:

  • Exit a party whenever you want to.
  • Conspicuously drink something non-alcoholic throughout the evening. 
  • Keep moving and chatting. 
  • Have someone by your side at social events. They can help extricate you from circumstances that make you uneasy.

You can’t get stopped for DUI unless you drink. If your resolve wanes and you do drink too much and are charged with DUI, let a knowledgeable professional advise you.