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Can a DUI impact your schooling?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | DUI |

As someone who has never faced a DUI conviction before, you are likely thinking several things. Some might feel afraid, while others may underestimate it, believing that a first-time conviction will net lighter penalties.

This is unfortunately not true, and a DUI can impact your future for many years to come if convicted. This also extends toward your schooling.

Potential of expulsion

As The College Investor states, a DUI conviction can impact your schooling to the point of ruination. Of course, this differs from case to case. However, schools will often react harshly to DUI convictions. This is especially true if you have compound convictions, or if another student got involved in the DUI related crime. In the case of the latter, you may even face the possibility of expulsion.

However, it is rare for a college to expel a student for a DUI conviction. That does not mean they will not have other penalties to dole out, though. In fact, many colleges will react in ways that might make it financially impossible for you to continue attendance.

Pricing you out of college

For example, a college will likely revoke any financial support they provided you. This can include scholarships, awards, financial prizes and more. They may also bar you from living on campus. This means you will have to figure out transportation, especially if your license gets suspended. You will also have to deal with the cost of off-campus living, which is often a good deal more expensive.

Due to these impacts, you want to take a DUI charge seriously. A conviction could alter your entire college career and experience.