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DUI may result in a license suspension

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | DUI |

If people receive a DUI conviction, Georgia courts may sometimes suspend their driver’s license.

A license suspension can have a deep impact on people’s lives. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, a suspension related to DUI may last for one year. During this time, people cannot drive. This can greatly affect a defendant’s ability to go to work and perform other tasks, such as attending family events.

How do people reinstate their license?

If people want to get their driver’s license back, there are several steps they need to take. People usually need to attend a DUI program. Once they finish this program, they have to show their certificate of completion to the court. Additionally, they need to pay their reinstatement fees.

Sometimes, people may able to get their license back before the suspension period ends. After 120 days, people can apply to have their license reinstated. In this case, people still need to complete a DUI program before a court lifts the suspension.

Can people drive during a license suspension?

The Georgia Department of Driver Services says that people can apply for a limited permit if they still need to drive. This permit allows the defendant to drive to work, to the alcohol treatment program and to driver education classes. If defendants are currently enrolled in college classes, they can also drive to school with their limited license. Additionally, people can take themselves to doctor’s appointments.

If people qualify for a limited permit, they have to follow all of the court-ordered guidelines. People may lose this permit if they drive to a location that is not one of their approved destinations.