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Does a DUI affect your job prospects?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | DUI |

Facing DUI charges is serious at any time but it may be especially difficult if you are on the job hunt. A DUI can have a deep impact on your life, and these charges may affect your job search and your employment prospects.

Your employment prospects may depend on whether you receive a conviction. According to the Houston Chronicle, you may not need to disclose a DUI arrest when you apply for jobs. However, the subject may come up during the interview process. Even without a conviction, some employers may be wary about DUI arrests.

Loss of transportation

License suspension is one of the consequences you may face if you receive a conviction. If you cannot take public transportation, you may need to use ridesharing services or rely on friends and family members. This can make it difficult for you to attend job interviews or career fairs. Once you find a job, relying on other people for rides may cause you to be late.

Fewer opportunities

You may face restrictions on the kind of job you can get. Some employers may require you to drive a company vehicle as part of your duties. Sales positions may sometimes require you to drive your own car to meet with clients. Additionally, many employers run background checks on potential employees. Some companies may be reluctant to hire you after seeing the DUI on your record. Even a DUI arrest may affect your chances of receiving a job if the job involves driving.

You may sometimes be able to have your record expunged. This would remove DUI charges from your record so you could apply for jobs with a clean slate.