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Athens DUI treatment court receives national recognition

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | DUI |

Earlier this year, the DUI treatment court in Athens-Clarke County was named as a National Academy Court. The Athens program is one of just four DUI courts to receive this honor from the National Center for DWI Courts and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Review the characteristics of a National Academy Court and its mission to serve individuals struggling with substance use.

Reasons for recognition

The Athens-Clarke County treatment court has received recognition five consecutive times for exemplifying the possibilities of this type of program. Athens has created a national model for successful DUI courts by providing resources and training sessions to bring this approach to communities across the United States. At the recognition ceremony, presiding Athens judge Charles Auslander praised the program for prioritizing citizen well-being and helping participants create healthy, stable futures.

Program eligibility and requirements

Athens-Clarke County brought the first drug court to Georgia in 2001. Today, the state has more than 156 drug court programs, exponentially increasing the scope of court-supervised substance use recovery.

Individuals who enroll in the DUI treatment court spend about 14 months in the program on average. They complete substance use disorder treatment, counseling, group therapy sessions, court appearances, 12-step meetings and random drug screenings.

Clarke County residents facing DUI or drug charges stemming from addiction can ask for a referral to the drug court program. In addition to substance use treatment, participants can take advantage of job placement services, education assistance, transportation access and computer access. Those who complete drug court successfully may qualify for reduced fines and jail time.