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Taking a look at limited permit fees

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | DUI

If you are charged with drunk driving in Georgia, you face a number of repercussions, such as court-imposed fines, a shattered reputation and even time behind bars. However, the loss of a driver’s license is especially disruptive and you need to explore your options, especially if you need to drive to work or take care of other important responsibilities (such as attending court or taking care of health issues). 

In some instances, people are able to obtain a limited permit in order to drive for approved purposes. 

Reviewing the cost of a limited permit

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, limited permits are valid for as long as one year and cost $25. Moreover, it costs $5 to renew a limited permit and $20 to replace a limited permit. In some instances, people need to pay much more to regain the ability to drive for certain purposes. For example, if you want to obtain a Habitual Violator Probationary Driver’s License (HVPL) that is valid for as long as three years, you need to pay $210. 

Reviewing Ignition Interlock Device Limited Permit fees

In addition to limited permits, some people obtain an Ignition Interlock Device Limited Permit (IDLP). These permits, valid for as long as two months, cost $25. However, in order to have these restrictions lifted, you need to pay $100 (on top of other reinstatement fees, if applicable). It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the steps you need to take to drive to work or take care of other important responsibilities, as well as the cost and time limits associated with a limited permit.