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Get the facts about the Athens drug court program

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | DUI |

Some offenders facing charges of driving under the influence may qualify for the Athens-Clarke County Felony Drug Court Program. With this option, participants who successfully complete the program requirements qualify for a dismissed, reduced or probated DUI sentence.

Review the qualifications and requirements for drug court in Clarke County.

Program eligibility

This program is available for individuals facing a second or subsequent DUI charge in Georgia. To qualify for drug court, an offender must be at least 17 years old, have a substance dependence diagnosis and obtain attorney representation. The person cannot qualify with a history of drug trafficking or manufacturing, developmental or mental health issues, violent felonies, or sexual offenses. Each participant must pay a program fee of $150 per month by money order or cash.

Program requirements

Drug court offers a five-phase substance use recovery program based on the Stages of Change model. Each person must attend AA or NA meetings, undergo random drug testing, submit to court supervision and monitoring, appear in court each week, go to support group meetings and attend individual therapy sessions.

Successfully completing the program results in incentives such as curfew extensions and gift cards. Offenders who struggle to complete the requirements may have to attend community service or receive therapeutic intervention.

Since the drug court program took effect, many participants have learned to maintain their sobriety and become employees, business owners and contributors to the Athens community. Most people who attend drug court in Clarke County do not go on to receive future criminal charges.