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Fourth DUI offense among charges aimed at woman

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | DUI |

All too often, people in Athens may use the term “throw the book at them” in reference to those charged with criminal violations. While criminal sanctions do indeed have a punitive element to them, many may overlook the fact that their goals are also to help rehabilitate. 

The circumstance of a case may serve to indicate what sort of intervention might assist one subject to criminal charges (such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol). Oftentimes, such an action is the result in a singular lapse in judgment (from which one might be able to learn and avoid in the future). Yet in other cases, one’s repeated actions may show that they could be in need of help. 

Bevy of felony and misdemeanors accompany woman’s fourth DUI charge

“Repeated actions” in this context refer to ongoing encounters with law enforcement. Sadly, the Chicago Daily Herald reports that an Illinois woman appears to be all-too familiar with such interactions. Reports indicate that local authorities recently detained her on suspicion of DUI. If convicted, this would mark her fourth drunk driving offense. Her latest struggled have since compounded with news breaking that she now faces 10 other felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from unrelated actions. 

Getting people the assistance that they need

A pattern of criminal activity may seem to some to show an indifference towards the law. Yet at the same time others might view it as an opportunity to get a person who is struggling with their proverbial “inner demons” the help they need to address underlying problems and move on with their lives. Such help may be hard to come by if one does not have assistance in dealing with their legal issues. Thus, having the experience of a criminal defense attorney to rely on may be a great benefit.