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The role of kombucha in driving under the influence

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2020 | DUI |

Georgia drivers need to be aware of all substances they ingest before stepping behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not only alcohol but medicines and supplements sometimes play a role and result in impaired driving. 

The popular drink kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol in it that at least one sports star claimed resulted in his state of inebriation. 

The Michael Floyd case 

According to Sports Illustrated, Floyd, a Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, failed three breathalyzer tests while he served house arrest for an earlier DUI charge. Floyd claimed the failed tests resulted not from beer or liquor but because he drank kombucha. The sports drink routinely falls between .05 to 2 percent of alcohol content. In comparison, a Budweiser beer measures about 5 percent alcohol content. Many factors go into the potency of kombucha for a man of Floyd’s size. The article concluded that due to the many variables with kombucha it is impossible to rule out Floyd became intoxicated by the drink, though he would have needed to consume a very large amount of the drink. 

The alcohol content of kombucha 

The Atlantic investigated the level of alcohol found in kombucha. The article stated that many factors resulted in the final amount of alcohol present in a bottle of kombucha. For many reasons, it is difficult for manufacturers to completely control this level because the alcohol content can change over time and depends partly on refrigeration. Less refrigeration means more fermentation and potentially higher alcohol content. In short, in many instances,  it remains up to consumers to discern what they are drinking and whether or not they should drive after drinking kombucha.