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How can a DUI conviction impact a college career?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2020 | DUI |

Georgia college students like you enjoy plenty of freedoms. You get to experience everything about college life. This includes everything from job opportunities to education and career options. It includes your social life, as well. 

Unfortunately, making mistakes also happens during college years. Some of these mistakes have worse consequences than others. For example, a mistake involving a DUI has the potential to ruin your college career. 

How will your college handle your DUI? 

The College Investor discusses how a DUI conviction has the potential to ruin your path through college. It depends on the charges you faced. It also depends on how your college decides to handle your situation. Authorities alert your college to the fact that you are facing DUI charges. If convicted, it is up to the college to decide how to handle you. 

It is actually rare for a college to expel someone for a DUI conviction. But they may revoke your financial support. If they provided scholarships or financial merit awards, they may take these back. They may also kick you off of campus housing. This creates a lack of financial support and an increase in expenses. You may end up priced out of college, in essence. 

Career opportunities suffer after DUI conviction 

Your career opportunities may end up damaged, too. What if the court suspends your license? You will have a harder time attending off-campus events. This can cut into your ability to network. You may also end up denied entrance into certain programs or work opportunities. For example, you will struggle with anything involving commercial driving. Child care fields may also end up closed off to you. All from one mistake.