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Should Georgia lower the BAC level?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | DUI |

The current BAC limit in Georgia is the standard .08%, which most states use. At this limit, you cannot drink much before you are over it. While BAC depends on many factors, including what you drink, your weight, your gender and the time between drinks, this limit is fairly low. For a typical person, it equates to about one drink per hour.

Despite the low limit, drunk driving is still a serious problem in the state and country. According to Forbes, some advocates wish to have all states lower the blood alcohol content limit because they say it will help drastically reduce the instances of accidents associated with drunk driving.

The proposal

Those advocating for a lower BAC limit want the new limit to be .05%. They state that with the lower level, there is far less chance of impairment. Having a lower limit would allow you to be sure that you are safe to drive after drinking, leaving less room for you to think you are okay when you really are not.

The evidence

Experts point to other countries that have this lower limit as examples that it works. Some countries, such as Denmark, use this low limit and have seen decreases in drunk driving accidents. They believe this same result would occur in the U.S. if all states lower their limits.

Science backs up the claim that at this level there is far less of an impact on your cognitive skills and motor skills than at the .08% limit. Having the lower limit would, therefore, make you a safer driver who is able to avoid common drunk driving accidents.