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Tips to avoid overindulging in alcohol

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | DUI |

While you know you do not have a dependence on alcohol, you may still find yourself drinking more shots, beers or glasses of wine in a Georgia bar than is safe. You realize your risk of a DUI, but maybe you also struggle to figure out how to cut back in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Harvard Health Publishing has taken care of a lot of the groundwork for you. Use these tips to cut back for your health and to lower your overall risk of a DUI.

Write down your drink limit

No one knows how much you can drink before you start slurring your words and stumbling better than you. Note how many beers, shots or glasses it takes before your buzz turns into bumbling. Limit yourself to no more than that number.

Remind yourself why overindulging is a bad idea

You know what it is like to drink more than you should. Write down the negative feelings you experience while hungover or too intoxicated to have a good time. Maybe you opened your banking app and realized how much money you blew at the bar last night, or perhaps you just do not feel healthy when you drink too much. Whatever your reasons, write them down and take a look at them now and then as a reminder.

Do not buy alcohol for your house

While drinking at home is a great way to avoid a DUI, having easy access to alcohol can lead to overindulgence. It is essentially like keeping desserts in your home when trying to cut back on sugar. If you have to go out of your way to get what you want, it can make you think twice about how much you desire that specific indulgence.

Write down your drinking behavior

When you do drink, take note of what you drink, your location and your mood while drinking. Besides comparing your drinking behavior to your drink limit, writing down your behavior can help you identify certain drinks, locations or moods that act as triggers for overindulgence.