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How much would you save by cutting back on drinking?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | DUI |

You may not think too much of meeting up with a few friends at the end of a workday or the weekend for a few drinks at a Georgia bar. You also may not think too much about how much you spend every week on alcohol. It could be time to change that for the better.

Cutting back on drinking may save you a lot of money. Take a look to see how much your bank account can benefit from fewer happy hours.

Cost depends on how much you drink

Of course, if you only go to a bar once a week, you do not spend as much as a regular at the neighborhood bar. That said, even if you only go to a bar once or twice a week, you could also order an appetizer or an entire meal with your drinks, which adds to your total. For those weekend visits, you could feel tempted to indulge and include a shot or two with your regular drink order. Even if you just stick to drinks, you still have to include a tip. How much does that all add up to at the end of the month?

You could opt to only pay for drinks with cash

One way to save money on alcohol is to commit to only paying for drinks with cash rather than use your debit or credit card. You are probably well-aware of how alcohol can contribute to poor financial and life decisions. By paying for drinks individually with cash rather than starting a tab to pay with plastic, it is easier for you to cut yourself off before you get too tipsy and too deep in debt.

Plus, only using cash is a good way to help yourself avoid a DUI; only bring enough cash for a few drinks and a cab ride or rideshare home.