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DUI in Georgia? It could cost you

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | DUI |

Even if it is a first offense, the government does not have a tolerant attitude toward drinking and driving. The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe, possibly including jail time. Not only that, but having a DUI on your record could cause significant difficulties for you in the future. 

Additionally, a DUI conviction can have financial consequences. These include fines, fees and other expenses. Even if it is your first offense, they can be significant and add up quickly. 

Base fine 

Generally, the base fine for a first-offense DUI in Georgia is $800. It may be higher for repeat offenses. 

DUI school 

Georgia state law requires those convicted of DUI to complete a risk reduction course at their own expense. The fee for the entire course is about $380. 

License reinstatement 

You may be able to restore your driving privileges following completion of the DUI risk reduction course. However, this requires a reinstatement fee of $250. 

Ignition interlock device 

If you are a first-time offender, the law gives you the option of installing an ignition interlock device rather than losing your license altogether. This allows you to keep driving so that you can care for your family, keep your job, etc. However, there are costs involved with an ignition interlock device. While state government may provide some assistance to those with financial hardships, usually, you are responsible for the expenses. 

To keep an IID on your vehicle, you have to pay a maintenance fee that amounts to approximately $2.60 per day. In a month, this can amount to nearly $80, and the court will usually require that you keep the IID installed for several months. The daily maintenance fee does not include the cost of initial installation, which can run about $100. 

The total costs associated with a first-offense DUI conviction depend on a range of factors, including the amount of time that you have an IID installed. Assuming a four-month IID requirement, the expenses can easily run upwards of $1,600.