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How can I get my license back after a DUI conviction?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | DUI |

If a Georgia judge or jury convicted you of DUI, you already know that the state suspended your driver’s license at the same time. Assuming this conviction represented your first DUI offense during the past five years, and further assuming that you are over the age of 21, this suspension will remain in effect for 12 months.

As the Georgia Department of Driver Services explains, once the 12 months expire, you can apply for reinstatement of your license. However, you must meet certain requirements in order to get it back. You will need to present the DDS with a Certificate of Completion proving that you attended and successfully completed a DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program at a state-approved school. You will also need to pay a reinstatement fee of $200 if you pay online or $210 if you pay in person.

Limited driving permit

You may be able to obtain a limited driving permit during your suspension period. This permit will allow you to drive to and from certain places, including the following:

  • Your place of employment so you can continue to work
  • Your doctor’s office for scheduled appointments
  • Your school so you can continue to attend the classes for which you have enrolled
  • The office of your probation officer, assuming you have one
  • Any court where you have a scheduled appearance
  • The facility where you attend alcohol and/or drug treatment classes

Keep in mind that the DDS can also prescribe the hours during which you can drive to and from the above places as well as the routes you must take.