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A closer look at how education is affected by alcohol consumption

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | DUI |

When people make the choice to consume excessive amounts of alcohol in Georgia, they could experience an impact on their focus, career, health and education. For college students, in particular, drinking alcohol can impose a threat on their grades, social life and long-term success.

According to addictioncenter.com, the effects of drinking can spread even beyond education and compromise the safety of both the drinker and the people around him or her. Potential risks of drinking include the following:

  • Higher risk of being involved in some form of sexual assault or crime.
  • Higher risk of being a victim of alcohol-related illness, injury or death.
  • Higher risk of committing suicide.
  • Higher risk of failing classes due to lack of focus and absence.

Another risk of drinking is the possibility that college students make the irrational decision to drive a vehicle while they are drunk. This decision could have significant consequences if they are involved in an accident where there are other people involved. The AFMC recommends that people make adequate plans before attending a party where alcohol is to be served. They may nominate someone to be the designated driver after the event, arrange for a ridesharing driver to pick them up or ask the host if they can stay the night afterward.

If students are part of a university or college where there are programs or initiatives to discourage drunk driving, their involvement could help them to learn more about the dangers of making a poor decision. Additionally, they can encourage their peers to participate in these efforts to prevent even more people from being tempted to drink and drive.