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The disadvantages of a sobriety test at night

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | DUI |

As the summer approaches, you’ll start seeing more police cars hiding on the sides of the roads during the latter hours of the day. The hottest months of the year is one of the most dangerous times for drivers for various reasons. One of those reasons is the number of drivers guilty of DUI around this time.

Many officers that pull over suspected DUI drivers do so at night. Summer has plenty of holidays and eventful weekends that encourage many Georgia residents to spend a few extra hours at the bar, so these are the prime times to catch intoxicated motorists.

However, officers that include field sobriety tests in the stop might be doing so at a time where the driver is at a severe disadvantage. Driver should know about these extra obstacles they may face if they face wrongful accusations of a DUI.

Sleep deprivation

It’s no secret that the driving patterns of a drowsy driver aren’t that different from that of a drunk driver. Unfortunately, some of that can extend to how they approach the sobriety test. People that are exhausted may have a hard time maintaining their balance when standing on one leg or trying to walk in a straight line. Some have also reported difficulty in following all the instructions of the walking test.

This is one of the most common difficulties during summer nights given how many workers have to stay later. Summer is one of the most popular times for many businesses, so they often extend their hours to help late-night customers. Since they are some of the last people to hit the road, they have a higher chance of getting spotted and pulled over.

Limited lighting

The walking test can also be very difficult when it is dark outside. The officer might pull you over in an area that doesn’t have street lamps and order you to walk on the straight white line.

While they can provide additional lighting with a flashlight, it still may not be enough to help you perform the test properly. You may end up coming across some bumps or line breaks on the road that can throw you off as the light shines further.

Even regular people without major injuries or disabilities can fail a field sobriety test when sober. If you face charges for these accusations after an unlucky late night, consult with a DUI attorney to incorporate these conditions into your defense.