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How to have your driver’s license reinstated in Georgia

| Jan 4, 2019 | License Suspension |

If you have recently been charged and convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you very well could wind up having your driver’s license suspended. You might be without your license for anywhere from six months to a year or more. You need to go through a process for having your license reinstated after a DUI, and below, we will discuss that process.

The minimum suspension for a driver’s license after being convicted of DUI is 120 days in the state of Georgia. The maximum suspension is five years. You could also wind up having your license revoked depending on your record and how many other DUI infractions you have to your name.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) now allows drivers to apply for license reinstatement on the agency’s website. According to the DDS, the agency processes some 200,000 license reinstatement applications per year. If a driver wishes to reinstate their license online, they will need to have their license number, an account online with DDS and their license must either be revoked, suspended or canceled.

In order to have a driver’s license reinstated, the driver must have had their license suspended for at least 120 days and be able to show a certificate of completion for a DUI program that is approved by the DDS. The fee for reinstatement can be paid by mail or at a DDS office.

Losing your license because of a DUI conviction can make it difficult for you to get to work, school, the doctor or to run errands. Make sure you know what it takes to have your driver’s license reinstated when the time comes so you don’t miss time behind the wheel.