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What is a hardship drivers license?

| Jun 9, 2017 | License Suspension |

For some people convicted of a DUI, in addition to dealing with potential jail time and costly penalties, one of most difficult aspects of their punishment may be the suspension of their drivers license. If you require your vehicle to get to work, school, medical appointments or to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment program, not having a license for months or longer can endanger your ability to make a living, your health and your recovery from substance abuse.

That’s why the Georgia Department of Driver Services offers something called a hardship drivers license. Those who qualify for a hardship license can use it to drive to work and/or school and for medical purposes (including to pick up needed prescription drugs). They can also use it to drive to and from any court-ordered treatment.

Only drivers who have been convicted for a first or second DUI or who have had their license suspended due to excessive points for a first or second time are eligible. In some cases, as for a second DUI, they may have to have an ignition interlock device placed on their vehicle or fulfill other requirements. Further, to qualify, drivers must show the court evidence of the hardship they would suffer without their license.

Local DDS offices can process hardship drivers license applications, which must have the appropriate documentation included. If you have been denied a hardship license or would like to help ensure your approval for one if you meet the qualifications, a Georgia criminal defense attorney experienced in dealing with DUIs can provide advice and assistance.

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