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Frito-Lay aims to decrease drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday

| Jan 30, 2017 | DUI First Offense |

Frito-Lay is partnering with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to keep intoxicated drivers off the road this upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. The snack giant has created a special limited addition Tostitos “Party Safe” bag to encourage people to get home safely.

The bag is equipped with technology that detects alcohol on a person’s breath. When someone breathes into the bag, if any alcohol is detected, the sensor forms a big red steering wheel image on the bag with the words “Don’t Drink and Drive.” It also provides an Uber code. When drivers enter that code into the Uber app on game day (Feb. 5), they get $10 off their ride. They can also tap the bag with their phone, and an Uber ride will be summoned automatically.

An executive with the company that developed the technology used in the bags says that football fans tend to get caught up in the game and not realize how much they’ve had to drink. He says that “a lot of times all you need to stop short of driving after drinking is a friend who calls you off. On Sunday of the big game, we want Tostitos to be that friend.” The chief marketing officer for Frito-Lay says, “Our goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads that Sunday evening.”

Of course, since the bag doesn’t measure blood alcohol content, it only tells people something they already know — that they’ve consumed at least some alcohol. Some law enforcement agencies have mocked the idea on Twitter. As one police department tweeted, “If you have to blow into a Tostitos bag to know if you’re intoxicated, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT DRIVE.”

While the “Party Safe” bag won’t eliminate the increased incidents of drunk driving injuries and fatalities that occur every Super Bowl Sunday, it does provide one more reminder to stay off the road if you’ve been drinking. Law enforcement will be out in force here in Georgia, particularly around areas where university students are known to gather. If you make the decision not to drive, you can enjoy the game and not worry about facing legal consequences afterwards. More importantly, you’ll improve your chances of getting home safely.

Source: Adweek, “Tostitos’ New Party Bag Knows When You’ve Been Drinking and Will Even Call You an Uber,” Tim Nudd, Jan. 24, 2017