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Traffic stop yields arrest for out of state driver

| Mar 18, 2016 | DUI |

When most people travel out of town, whether it is on a getaway vacation or to visit friends and family living out of state, they rarely consider the possibility of winding up behind bars.

Yet this actually occurs rather frequently, and there is even a sarcastic saying that arose from the phenomenon: “Go on vacation, leave on probation.”

For one Florida woman, this reality is likely all too true. The 27-year-old Miami resident was visiting Athens for a wedding earlier this month, but she ran afoul of local law enforcement while she was here. Allegedly, the woman was driving while impaired, as officers from the Athens-Clarke County police force stopped her vehicle on Oak Street at approximately 3 a.m. on March 6.

According to the officers, they observed a car being driven erratically and conducted a traffic stop that included roadside sobriety tests. Police sources claim that the driver told them that the state of “Georgia was going to buy her a new $100 pair of socks.”

She was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drunk driving; her blood alcohol level was later reported to be almost three times the legal limit for drivers — .210 percent.

When she was searched at the jail, officers allegedly discovered a small amount of cocaine on her person. She wound up being charged with not only driving under the influence, but failure to maintain and possession of cocaine.

It can be difficult dealing with an arrest away from one’s home base. Even if you are temporarily living in an area, such as in student housing at the University of Georgia, you may not actually be a full-time Georgia resident. If you wind up convicted of a DUI or other related offense, one potential consequence could be your being placed on probation.

Some offenders on probation are not allowed to leave the state. Can you imagine the logistical problems this could present once the semester ends? While it is always best to avoid an arrest entirely, retaining a criminal defense attorney can reduce the likelihood of a conviction with onerous consequences that can dampen future plans.

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