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What must Greek houses do to avoid underage drinking?

| Aug 13, 2015 | Underage Drinking |

School is about to start, and that means returning to Greek houses for a lot of students. While these organizations may be located off campus and they may hold parties where legal members of the group drink alcohol, it’s important for them not to give any alcohol to minors. Often, the freshman and sophomores in the groups are only 18, 19 or 20, so they can’t drink even if they’ve been in the group for years.

One way that groups do this is by keeping the parties confined to the groups only. They’re not intended, without special permission, to be open parties for the public. This way, they can monitor who comes and how old they are.

Another step that is often taken is to keep the fraternity or sorority from actually buying the alcohol. Instead, third-party vendors are often brought in, or members are told to bring their own drinks. This way, those members are sure to be carded.

It’s also important for different groups to tell their superiors about any events they are having. Everything must be documented and people must check to make sure these rules are being followed.

Finally, the groups can’t advertise that they will have alcohol at an event. This fact may be well-known to those who are in the group, but they cannot put up signs that may draw other members of the college community to the party for the express purpose of getting alcohol while underage.

If you’ve been to a party and been charged with underage drinking, you must make sure you know all about your legal defense options in Georgia.

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