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Reasons for license suspensions in Georgia

| Nov 6, 2014 | License Suspension |

Many different types of offenses, including DUI and DWI offenses, can result in a suspension of a person’s driving privileges in Georgia. People whose licenses are suspended have their rights to drive withdrawn temporarily for a specific length of time. When the suspension period is up, the person can then reapply to have his or her driver’s license reinstated after they have fulfilled any additional requirements.

There are other offenses that can lead to a driver’s license suspension in Georgia in addition to a DWI or DUI conviction. These include such offenses as vehicular homicide, eluding or attempting to elude a police officer, involvement in a hit and run accident, racing, driving with a suspended license, submitting fraudulent information in order to obtain a license, committing a felony while using a vehicle and forging identification documents.

People may additionally have their driver’s license suspended if they refuse to take a breath or chemical test in a DUI or DWI stop. Failing to appear in court for a traffic offense, being convicted under Georgia’s Control Substance Act or driving without insurance all can result in suspension of driving privileges. Finally, people who build up 15 points in two years on their license also face suspension of driving privileges.

People with a driver’s license suspension should avoid driving during the period of suspension. If they are caught driving while suspended, they will have an additional six months of suspension tacked on to the amount of time their license is already suspended. No matter the reason the license was suspended, people should try to fulfill the requirements in order to get their license reinstated. An attorney who focus on DWI/DUI and driver’s license suspension cases can provide assistance in applying for limited driving privileges during the suspension.

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