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Man faces DUI charges in multi-vehicle traffic accident

| Nov 4, 2014 | DUI |

A 51-year-old Georgia man is facing multiple charges following an accident in which one man was killed and several people were injured. The accident occurred on Oct. 25 around 7:30 p.m. in Savannah.

The defendant was reportedly driving a pickup truck when he ran into an SUV from behind. He was then sent into oncoming traffic and hit a sports car. The sports car then struck a compact vehicle being driven by a 27-year-old woman.

The SUV driver’s condition was not known at the time of the report. Both the sports car driver and driver of the compact car were taken to the hospital. The woman had minor injuries, but the man died at the hospital. The driver of the pickup was also hospitalized for treatment of unknown injuries. He has been charged with DUI, following too closely and failure to maintain lane, and there is also a pending charge of vehicular manslaughter.

If someone is accused of these serious charges, he or she may wish to work with a defense attorney. The attorney may look at how authorities determined he or she was driving under the influence. Some medical conditions may look like drunkenness, for example. If a blood or breath test was administered, the attorney may examine whether consent was legally obtained. If some part of these procedures was incorrect, charges could be dropped.

Even if tests indicate someone was under the influence, the tests’ accuracy can still be challenged. A plea bargain is another option if evidence appears legitimate. In this case, the defense attorney and their client would work with the prosecution and the judge to plead guilty to some of the charges in exchange for a lesser penalty.

Source: WJCL, “One killed, another facing charges in weekend Abercorn accident“, Christopher Buchanan, October 29, 2014